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Ego-T electronic cigarette UK Double

Ego-T electronic cigarette UK Double
Brand: Hangsen Hangsen
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Ego-T electronic cigarette UK Double

Discontinued due to old design and problems - burn taste/leaking. We tested eGo C, W, T from three different suppliers and they all can't compete with new products for good flavour and reliability.

The eGo-T is the part of the next generation of electronic cigarettes. This generation of devices improves on the last generation by having a much larger capacity battery, over 3.5 times as large as a standard 510 battery on the standard eGo battery. The device is not particularly long, it is similar in length to a standard 510. However, the battery has a larger diameter that allows for its larger capacity. To balance the aesthetics of the device, a cone attaches to the battery and smooths line between the battery and the atomizer end.
This system is different from the standard 510 atomizer system, it uses a tank cartridge instead of the standard cartridge. This supplies a steady flow of juice to the atomizer without the use of filling material; the tank self feeds the atomizer. This eliminates the need to constantly top up carts or dripping, this lends itself to activities that become difficult if dripping or topping up carts. Couple this with clouds of vapour and a good throat hit makes this the next step in the evolution of vaping.
It is essential that users maintain a healthy supply of atomizers to hand and because of this, we recommend a stock of 3 to be kept on hand. Whilst every care has been taken to manufacture these devices to a high specification, due to the nature of the device the life of an atomizer will vary from one user to the next.
The battery of an electric cigarette is what is used to power the atomizer. Despite their small size they can last up to 12 hours+, depending on usage. A battery disconnected from the atomiser will hold its charge like any other rechargeable battery. It is recommended that a stock of at least 2 batteries is kept at any one time. Please note, these kits come with the new eGo batteries featuring the 5 click shut off/power on, useful for preventing accidental activation.
A typical cartridge lasts around 3 to 5 real cigarettes.
A typical 650mAh battery will usually last around a day, depending on vaping habits. 900mAh batteries should last in to the next day.
Please note that a complete 'Electric cigarette' is made up of 1 eGo - T atomizer, 1 rechargeable battery, and 1 eGo tank cartridge.

This kits contains

2 x Normal Tank Atomizer

2x Batteries 650mah

5 x Tank Cartridge

1 x USB Charger

1 x USB Wall Charger UK PLUG

1 x Manual

*Don`t forget buy your favorite TruVape Liquid to fill the cartomizer

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Electronic cigarettes, also recognized as an e-cigarettes, are a battery fuelled vaporizers that gives you water vapour portions of nicotine by method of a vaporizing method. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco goods, such as cigs, cigars, or pipes. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapour also offers a flavour and physical feeling similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoking, while no smoke or burning is actually required in its operation. The electronic cigarettes are designed to look like the outward appearance of real smoking cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. All electronic cigarettes use the same standard components: a mouthpiece, a heating component, a rechargeable battery, and several electronic circuits.